Words with Stacey Hendrickson

Sunday, March 29, 2015

IF you followed my Melbourne Fashion Week ventures, then you'll certainly remember this eye catching two piece by casper&pearl. The mastermind behind the label, Stacey Hendrickson, is a 22-year-old self-taught designer based in Adelaide who is already making some serious waves within the fashion industry…    

What is your latest collection, A/W ABRACADARA, all about?
‘Abracadabra’ is all about everything magical and a bit creepy. I was inspired by cults, the 1600’s ‘witch trial’ era, superstitions and conspiracy theories, and of course nature and flora. In the 1600’s it is believed that people would inscribe the word ‘Abracadabra’ into their clothing to protect them from evil and dark magic, to tap in to that old style magic we have handwritten it into our exclusive print.

You've been selected to show at MBFWA! How does that feel? 
Holy moly, so good. MBFW is the most prestigious fashion event in the world so to be recognised on a larger scale makes the long days and nights and sacrifices all worth it.

If casper&pearl had a theme song what would it be?
Creator - Santigold

You have really developed you're own signature design aesthetic. Where do you look for inspiration? 
Oh thankyou very much – we look inside our deepest imagination. We find inspiration in art, history, nature, and photography (we’re really loving Synchrodogs and Joshua Anderson at the moment.)

Tell us a secret about casper&pearl's future plans…
casper&pearl is going to be stocked in Melbourne gem, Lady Petrova very soon!

The Waffle

Friday, March 27, 2015

We all love a textured jumper, right? Crafted in sturdy twin needle stitching, the waffle will work seamlessly into your weekend wardrobe. By day, this tran-seasonal piece pairs perfectly with ripped denim jeans, a snug vest, ankle boots and a cream knit beanie. The long sleeves will bring you warmth on a chilly afternoon whilst the dip hem adds more shape than usual to your frame.

I like to think of the waffle as the ultimate base piece. And if jeans aren't your thing, try teaming it back with a fitted skirt and a duster cardigan; the key is to play around with your proportion by adding contrasting textures and layers- then throw on a scarf for added interest! While the waffle will see you through the season in style, the best part is that it's cosy enough to curl up in bed with!

Photographs by Jess Nicholls
Outfit by Cotton on Body & Cotton On  

CHAMBRAY: Not just for Button-Downs

Thursday, March 26, 2015


CHAMBRAY, the sexier, lighter and more demure sister of denim.  The soft touch cotton linen and boho off-the-shoulder, low slung style of this piece makes it the perfect go-to dress. I'm hoping Melbourne's autumn weather stays confused for a little longer so I can keep this one on high rotation. 

Photographs by Katie Fergus  

Meet Your New Winter BFF- The Long John

Sunday, March 22, 2015

COTTON ON BODY: Long johns, tee, hooded vest. RUBI SHOES booties. 

It's (sadly) getting colder outside, which means we need say goodbye to our summer dresses and rotate our favourite winter pieces to the front of our wardrobe (or floordrobe if you're anything like me!).  Over the next five weeks I'll be sharing my pearls of wisdom when it comes to mastering the art of layering. Think of it as your go-to guide to looking chic this winter… 

Let me introduce you to your new BFF- the Long John. Seriously, we now have an excuse to wear our underwear outside.  When it comes to layering, these world-class leg-huggers are the ultimate base piece for your winter ensemble. These aren't' sweatpants, nor are they man-leggings, they're a cosy comfortable and fresh alternative to your everyday jean. For day-to-day wear, team you long johns back with an oversized tee, ankle booties and a hooded vest. For the couch lovers, and let's face it we all love the couch come winter, curl up with an oversized waffle jumper, your long johns, chunky ribbed bed socks and a cup of tea. Bliss.  

Photographs by Jess Nicholls 


Thursday, March 19, 2015

SHAKUHACHI vest, SPORTSGIRL top and jeans. 

OH yeah I did! Somehow managed to wear all-white from 7am until sunset during day three of the Melbourne Fashion Festival. Highlight of the day? Hearing Lisa Messenger (editor of The Collective magazine) and Margaret Zhang (creator of Shine By Three) speak during the Industry Forum. 

Photgraphs by Katie Fergus 

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